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Founder & Chairman of the Board

Although I was fortunate enough to enjoy a successful NFL career and am now owner of Brackett Restaurant Group, I was a disadvantaged kid first. Growing up in New Jersey with dreams of making it big and making a big difference, I worked hard and promised to reach back and impact others if I ever made it big. Keeping my promise, my wife Ragan and I started the Impact Foundation back in 2007. It was right around then, when we began to realize that the number of low-income and at-risk youth exceeded the availability of resources in our community. We knew in that moment, we must do something that will have a positive and long-lasting IMPACT on the lives of underserved youth. Months later, the Impact Foundation was launched. Since its inception, more than 200,000 youth and families have been impacted by our work.

At the start, we focused on chronic and critically ill children and their families. Now, as I have been in the hospitality field for some time, I have witnessed a disproportionate number of minority and low-income applicants who are unprepared to compete for jobs due to lack of knowledge on how to present themselves in the best possible fashion. As a result, we added two new programs – Impact READY and Impact WORKS. Together with Gary’s Locker and TendHER Heart, the Impact Foundation is transforming lives across Central Indiana in big and meaningful ways. If you’d like to join us in our efforts, please make a donation by clicking here. On behalf of the lives we transform…I personally thank you for making an IMPACT!

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